Letter to our Supporters

Hello Generous Nevadans!

    Thank you for your interest in the ELL In-Home Program.
    We work with brave men and women who came to this country in the hopes of becoming productive members of our society and fulfilling their dreams. Instead, they find they are trapped in poverty by their deficiency of English language skills and cultural awareness. Since its inception in 2004, the ELL In-Home Program has offered English as a Second Language on a one-on-one basis in their own home or in small groups of two-to-five students, as well as work-preparedness education to adult immigrants who are unable to attend regular classroom settings……all at no cost. We teach those who cannot afford childcare, have no transportation, limited mobility because of a disability, or are embarrassed and intimidated by traditional large class settings.
    This learning process quickly empowers them to achieve their full potential as productive members of our community. As of January 2018 we have taught over 6,000 men and women to speak, read, and write English. Our students obtain new and better jobs, become citizens, and are able to better support their families. We currently have 210 tutors teaching 482 adults in English language skills, GED preparation, Computer Literacy and Citizenship study (315 students have become U.S. Citizens and many more are studying).
    The pressing need for our program is demonstrated by our waiting list of over 900 adults in our existing 6 counties (Washoe, Carson, Lyon, Douglas, Churchill, Clark) who are eager to learn English and enter the wider workforce.

This is what you can make happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000.
As of January 2018, our current funding priorities are:

1. With a $1,000 gift, we can launch 20 disadvantaged men and women from our wait-list on their journey to a new life for themselves and their families, through education in English language and literacy skills, citizenship studies, computer knowledge, and High School Equivalency. Having learned to speak, read, write and understand English, these courageous, hard-working people find better jobs and work to become integrated members of the community at large. They risked a lot to leave their homes and come to this country, please help us help them to achieve the “American Dream”.
2. With a gift of $2,500 it will help purchase our instructional material for learning English language skills for 50 learners from our wait-list. We have over 800 waiting for a tutor. They will learn to speak, read, write and understand English, attend GED preparation and computer classes, and become a U.S. Citizen.
3. Your $5,000 gift will allow us to run classes for 2–5 parents of ELL children in elementary and middle schools in the 6 counties where we exist. As the parents learn English they then help with their children’s homework and other school activities. Not learning English puts the children at extreme disadvantage in their school career, which can follow them through High School and beyond. Teaching English to parents of these children sets them on a path for far greater success.
4. $10,000 will allow us to hire a part-time Volunteer Coordinator, who will assist the Executive Director to recruit, train and manage our many volunteer tutors, collecting student data and ensuring smooth operations of complex student schedules. ELL In-Home Program is in receipt of a matching grant for this position – please help us reach this important goal!!

Our current funding priorities are:
a) Once we receive funds, new tutors will be trained to teach ELL, GED, Computer and Citizenship.

b) New learners from our over 900 wait-list to be started in ELL, GED, Computer and Citizenship classes to attain the American Dream.

c) An Assistant to the Director can be hired to recruit and match new tutors with students in the 5 counties where we exist.

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