The ELL In-Home Program of Nevada takes pleasure in announcing that our brave and courageous English learners have studied hard to learn their new country’s language and customs. They have been tutored by our ELL trained community volunteers with English language skills and are now ready to take the U.S. citizenship exam. The exam is not easy. One hundred questions on American history and government have to be studied, sentences have to be written, and English conversation skills are needed for the interview. We currently have over 80 individuals who have taken our 12-week citizenship study classes and are now ready for the exam. However, not all have the full application fee of $725.

We are proudly honored to announce that an ELL Citizenship Fund bank account is now open for our citizenship students who need funds to apply for citizenship. Tim and Betsy Kosier of Carson City, NV, and Vicki Bailey of Santa Rosa, CA, have together donated a generous amount to start this fund to create a way to help more graduates of the ELL In-Home Program be able to afford to apply for citizenship. Anyone who has saved money for the citizenship exam but does not have the total amount ($725) should apply for assistance with Florence Phillips at ELL In-Home Program of Nevada, 775-888-2021; Email at; or to donate for more citizen students to apply, go to

We currently have over 360 of our students that are now U.S. citizens.

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