Computer Literacy

If you have children of any age at home, chances are they are three steps ahead of you in all things technology!  It’s not just English that they are becoming proficient in during their school day but computers have become a second language all their own and a powerful way to communicate within their peer group. Technology is always changing and there’s no time better than now to jump in.

5 reasons computer literacy is critical:

  • More Job Opportunities. Most all companies post their openings along with job applications on their website. 

  • Stay connected with friends and family all over the world.

  • Get up to date news and emergency information.

  • Learn what “virtual and online” really means.

Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers.  If it’s your first experience in an office role and you haven’t worked with technology in the past, start with basic computer skills. This may include typing, powering a computer on and off, learning keyboard commands and knowing how to connect and disconnect your computer. 

Educating yourself on these basic computer skills can prepare you for hands-on computer demands in the workplace.

ELL provides our students with volunteers that help you learn and practice basic computer and technology skills:

  • How to use your keyboard.

  • Navigation of the mouse.

  • How to create a basic Word document.

  • All things Email

  • How to conduct a search (“what is a search engine anyway?”) and other basic topics.

Workplace Communication

ELL provides volunteers that can support you in your current job, navigate finding your next job or entering into your first job.  

Tutor students in vocabulary that may be specific to their new job; Examples of some of the ways we can support you are:

  • Resumé development and writing

  • Assistance in completing job applications

  • Use of a mock interview to prepare for employment interviews; 

  • Role play how to respond to workplace challenges and use of effective communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are free to adults.

All the books you will need for this course are provided free of charge. If there are any additional materials you feel you need you will be expected to purchase them on your own

Normally we have two sessions a week, each of one hour duration.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all programs are online via Skype, Zoom, and iPhones via What's App, Google Meet. Days and times are arranged between you and your tutor

If the change is a temporary one, the tutor will rearrange the schedule. If it is a permanent change and your tutor cannot reschedule her time, we will find you another tutor.

Normally, if children are under the age of 7, we ask you to have someone watch your children during the class so there are no interruptions.