ELL In-Home Program

ELL In-Home Program Services - Tutoring
  • Do you have a passion for our mission and want to volunteer?

  • Are you ready to become a volunteer tutor and give the gift of literacy?

  • Do you want to become a student but do not live in the area? If you do, perhaps you are challenged with transportation or travel or family time that cuts into your time to participate?

Don't let that stop you.
We've stepped into the computer age! 


ELL In-Home ProgramsWith the use of technology and FREE ACCESS to both virtual on-line via Skype and Zoom as well as use of mobile platforms such as FaceTime and Whats App, tutors and students are being matched all around the USA and world to be tutored in English language skills, GED preparation, Workplace Communication, Computer Literacy and/or U.S. Citizenship study at no cost. 


Here's an example of where some of our students and tutors live who are taking advantage of this technology:

Within the U.S.:

    • Texas, Kansas, Las Vegas, Florida, Rhode Island, Michigan, Illinois, California,  Iowa, Washington, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Vermont, Kentucky, Minnesota,  Virginia, Montana, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Missouri, Pennsylvania,  Tennessee, No.Carolina, Georgia, Maine, Maryland,  Alabama, Wyoming, and Hawaii


    • China, Colombia, Scotland, Australia, Hong Kong, Nepal, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Peru, Czech Republic, Canada, France, Spain, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Shangai