Student FAQs

1. How much does ELL-In-Home charge?

Our services are free to adults.

2. How much are the books?

All the books you will need for this course are provided free of charge. If there are any additional materials you feel you need you will be expected to purchase them on your own

3. How many hours a week are the classes?

Normally we have two sessions a week, each of one hour duration.

4. Where and when are the classes held?

The classes are in your home or at a public site at a day and time you arrange with your tutor.

5. What level English will I achieve?

When you complete the program you will speak, read and write at an 8th-grade level.

6. Can you help with my GED, Computer or Citizenship studies?

Our tutors are available to assist in these areas in addition to basic English.

7. What if my situation changes and I have to cancel classes?

If the change is a temporary one, the tutor will rearrange the schedule. If it is a permanent change and your tutor cannot reschedule her time, we will find you another tutor.

8. Can my children attend the classes?

Normally, if children are under the age of 7, we ask you to have someone watch your children in your home during the class so there are no interruptions. .

For further details, Email us at, or telephone Florence Phillips, Director, at 775-888-2021

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