Student Update – Rana

I was tutoring Rana today and she wondered if you heard about her success?   Two years ago I started tutoring Rana. She is a Syrian refugee and her first language is Arabic. Rana’s English was very limited.  However Rana is an incredible student and works so hard!

Rana’s dream was to become a nurse but with 4 children and English as a second language I wondered if that was possible.  So Rana and I looked into lots of programs at TMCC and she finally settled on becoming a Medical Assistant.  The program was unbearably hard and required hours and hours of tutoring by myself and one other of the ELL teachers. The language aspect was so hard because now not only were we studying English but Medical Terminology!

This last March (two years after beginning our English journey together) Rana passed her national certification and is now a Certified Medical Assistant!  Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to use it yet as she has four school aged children that are now home. But we are continuing to study together.  She is now reading at a college level!

If we get a computer I would like to start a typing tutorial with her.  That way she will be faster typing in the medical setting.

Susan, Tutor

P.S.  At the time of this writing, ELL In-Home Program received a grant and was able to provide the computer Rana needed.

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