Student and Volunteer Testimonials

"In-Home Program is a place where you feel welcome and where it's sure you'll learn at least a new thing every day."  Fernley student

"My tutor of 3 years said it is time I now helped another. So, to give back to the program, I myself am now a tutor helping a beginner."  Student, Elodia H.

"Learning to speak, read and write and understand when others are speaking has changed everything in my life. It has made me feel like I'm somebody now. I'm more a part of things."

                                                                                                                                    Yerington Student

"My student, Maria M., read a children's book to me all in English, with expression! And understanding! I was so proud!

Now, Maria goes freely to her child's school to help in the cafeteria so that she can hear and speak English with others. This is another big step as she was afraid before. She tells me that she understands so much more now than she did."  Reno Tutor

ELL In-Home Program student, Sandy, shares her story.

"So proud of Michelle G. getting a job at Smith’s grocery store!!! Also Victoria L. got a job as a pre-school teacher’s aide!!! Her English skills have improved dramatically!!!!"    Tutor Barbara E.

A Dayton tutor reports that her student, Maria G. (now in Laubach Level 2) "was very excited to tell me of her new job, cleaning a house nearby. Although the owner of the house speaks NO Spanish, Maria could understand the woman's English and that got her the job!"

"My Student, Elodia M. was told in a recent parent/teacher conference that she was speaking English so well that she no longer needs to have  a translator at future conferences." Fallon tutor