Up Close and Personal With One of Our Amazing Tutors, Daniel Lang

Former ELL Reno Tutor and U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship Chinese 2018 recipient Daniel Lang reflects on his subsequent fall semester, during which he taught English as a second language to locals in need. His service-learning project influenced his decision to accept the invitation to become a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia, after graduation.

Thank you again, Florence, for keeping the Peace Corps family healthy and strong. What an honorable group to serve.

Reno‘s ESL Tutor since Sep 2018, DANIEL LANG, joined the Peace Corps this year and is now in Mongolia. (This is the 5th tutor we’ve lost due to sharing my Peace Corps experiences – not discussing it any more.)

He writes:

Hello again! Whether you’re beginning the new school year or pleased to no longer worry about that anymore, I’m pleased to write to you. Get this: I teach at a university! As a 22-year-old!

This email, exactly three months since I left the States, highlights the biggest events from my past month, gives you my new mailing address of two years, offers you a taste of my fifth Peach Corps blog post, lets you know other media I appeared in this summer and seeks your personal and professional advice as I move forward.

The Highlights: I’ve had the blur of a summer. This month, especially, was crazy: I left my Mongolian hometown, achieved an Intermediate-Low Mongolian speaking level, discovered I’m teaching for two years at a university, gave a bilingual speech in front of U.S. Ambassador Klecheski and now live alone, cooking for myself in an apartment of Mongolia’s Russian city between the mountains. I’ve even returned to church.

Daniel’s shares his tutoring journey in the video below and you can also read more in his newest blog story.


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