Volunteer FAQs

1. After I have been trained, how often will I need to tutor?
We require a commitment of 1 to 2 or more hours a week. Meeting days and times are flexible according to your availability. This schedule allows the learners to make progress rapidly which is more fun for the tutors.

2. When and where do these tutoring sessions take place?
Tutors and students usually set a schedule that works mutually for them. Tutors will be matched with a student convenient to the tutor’s home or workplace.  Most tutors go to the student’s home or meet at the tutor’s home. Public sites are also available such as the local library.

3. After I have been trained, how long will I need to tutor?
We ask that tutors plan to work with students on an on-going basis or however long they can (at least 6 months). This is a very flexible program. When a tutor needs time off for vacation, illness, etc. the tutor notifies the student in advance as well as the student notifies the tutor in advance if a cancellation is necessary.

4. Will it be for a single student or will the students keep changing?
Most tutors teach one or two adult learners and some have a class of 2-5 maximum. The relationship and trust is an important part of the learning process. The tutors will provide English skills and encourage the learners to set language goals. If a tutor or learner does not feel compatible, a new match can be arranged.

5. Can I learn to tutor even if I am not a college graduate?
The materials and methods we use support non-professionals who have never taught before. It is practical and very “user-friendly”. We prefer tutors who have had at least a High School education. It is not required to have teaching experience nor knowledge of a foreign language.

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